Message for Parents – Morning Drop Off

Dear Knowlton Academy Parents,
As you are aware we have been having some “challenges” with our morning drop off due to the on going construction on Victoria.   Yesterday was particularly challenging ( understatement) with Academy Lane closed much of the day.
Happily we now have 2 GARDA guards hired for morning drop off circulation from 7-8:30 AM until our last day, June 22.  This will ensure everyone’s safety in the mornings. The buses will continue to turn around in  the back parking  lot and then drop off in front of the school. Parents can continue dropping off by the day care door as well.
I would like to thank ETSB for the quick response with hiring the guards, to deal with this major worry.  This morning’s drop off was much smoother and will continue to be until summer break.
Renalee Gore
Knowlton Academy