A message from Ms.Gore

May 12th, 2020

Dear Parents,

Just a few notes for you for both those returning and those learning at home.Wed. May 13 – first day back for 39 of our students (44 next week). The staff and school is ready for our returning students . Although it will be very different for everyone, the teachers and support staff have worked very hard to ensure the students will be safe and well taken care of at school.  All the new guidelines will be well explained  and shown to the students. The classes are all restructured so the students are 6 feet apart and all sanitary products are in place.Some of the staff will be wearing masks and maybe a face shield as well.Fresh muffins will be delivered daily for breakfast to all students. Remember everyone has to bring their own lunch and water bottles must be brought daily. The students need only the one pair of shoes and uniforms do not need to be worn. Jackets will be kept in the class.  Please do not send book bags to school or other items that are not essential (essential- eg- glasses).

Brenda Rhicard will be in the office and Mr. Lemaitre as I said will be in charge. Both will do an excellent job as will all the staff at school.If your child is taking a bus, you have been contacted .  Please remember there is a one week notice to return to school – for the following Monday – to register for school and for busing.For those dropping off- it’s in the back as usual in the morning. PM pick-up is in the front- but until all the children are safely in the field area at the end of the day, the driveway will be blocked at the end of the parking, then cars will be allowed one at a time to pick up their child/ children, leave and the next one will come up.Our daycare is open for those registered am and pm.  June 5 also remains a ped. day.

For those at home. The teachers have also been working hard to solidify their online teaching, sent materials home and have worked out teaching schedules. Please have your children take part in these online sessions and do the work assigned. And when they can take part in class lessons, please try to have them join in. The kids are in great hands at home and at school.

RemindersPlease send back all library and classroom books that may have been borrowed before we closed down.All violins must be back by May 30. If the children are not practicing, please bring them back now.Registration papers for 20-21 for those that hadn’t done them were mailed home. Please send them back asap.Please remit school fees as able.

Take care, be well, love to all the students.

You can always email me at PS Our garden is being planted so the students will have produce to come back to in the fall .

Renalee Gore – Principal