May 21st, 2020

Dear KA Families,

I hope you are doing well.  Please see below important information from ETSB.

The students at school have settled in to their new environment as are the students learning from home. The staff is working very hard to make sure the students are engaged and learning both at school and on line. I am very proud of our KA staff. In this difficult time, we are supporting each other in so many important ways. 

Please remember to reach out if you need anything or have and questions or concerns

Prevention and Precaution

This is a reminder to please keep your children at home if they show any sign of illness of any sort. They should not return to school until they are heathy again.  If a family member is ill as well it would be a good idea if your children didn’t come to school until you know what it is. It is very important that the school is informed if this is the case and there is illness in your home.

As you can imagine the staff at school are very concerned about bringing anything into the school for everyone’s safety (children and adults in the building and their families.) Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. We need to keep Knowlton Academy a healthy environment.

All the Best

Renalee Gore

PS We have some plans in the works to honor our graduating Grade 6 students and end of year special award recipients. (and a little something special for our Kindergarten students)

You’ll have to wait to see what they are J

May 20th 2020

School attendance:

  • . If you have previously indicated that your child will not be attending and you change your mind and decide to send your child to school, we absolutely need to know, at least one full week in advance.  This is to allow us the necessary time to make sure we are able to provide a safe and secure environment to our staff and all of our students.  Please phone the school or preferably email at .
  • whether or not transportation is needed. Otherwise it would be the Monday following the full week notice.                                     

Should you change your mind and want to stop sending your child(ren) to school, you must notify the school immediately for logistical reasons.


Parents are asked, whenever it is possible, to drive their own child(ren) to school.  For families with shared custody, due to the restrictions for transportation, we can accommodate only one address per student.  For any changes the transportation department will reevaluate routes on Mondays. You must give one week’s notice. (ex. For your child to have transportation on June 1 you must inform us by Monday May 25th.) If you no longer require transportation, it is important to advise the school as spaces are limited.

Evaluations and Student marks:

For elementary school students, their final results will be determined with the results of term 1 and 2.  Your child’s final assessment in term 3 will be indicated as successful, non-successful or not evaluated. If your child is at risk of not being successful, he/she may be asked to submit some work to demonstrate his/her abilities.  Although attendance at school is not mandatory, online learning is available and we encourage you to support your child to participate in these continued learning opportunities.

Secondary one at KA:

For our secondary one students we are offering online and at a distance classes. As new content that is a prerequisite for the next year may be presented at this time, we strongly recommend that you encourage your son/daughter to attend/follow the online classes. Not only will this ease their transition into a new grade level and a new school, it will also offer them some socialization and interaction with classmates and teachers.

Evaluation –

For students in Secondary 1, your child’s final assessment in term 3 will be indicated as successful, non-successful or not evaluated. If your child is at risk of not being successful, he/she may be asked by his/her teacher to submit some work to demonstrate his/her abilities to be successful.