A Welcome Back message from Mrs. Gore

To my Dear Knowlton Academy Parents/Families,

I am sure you have been wondering when you would hear some news from the school ( Not the Ministry, not ETSB , but Knowlton Academy) as to what this school year will look like and how we will be ensuring that the students and staff are safe at school.

I will prepare a document outlining the safety measures / Guidelines we will be using mandated by the Government and the School Board and Sante Publique. Hopefully, I will have these to you by the end of the week .

For now, be assured that we will be following all the safety standards and guidelines mandated to keep us all safe. 

We  take your children’s safety very seriously. I know that many of you are very nervous about the students’ return to school , most after many months at home . And I am sure the children are both nervous and excited.  We will take the first few weeks to make sure the students are feeling safe, secure and happy, building our class families. 

I know you would have heard from the school board several times with directives, ministry guidelines , medical exemption questionnaire, and have heard lots on the media. 

Masks are compulsory for all students Grade 5 and up on the bus and in the school except when they are in the class. Masks are compulsory for all staff as well in the common areas and in the class if they are closer than 2 metres. I know that many staff will choose to wear masks and or face shields at all times .  All parents and visitors must wear masks in the school. 

Although students from k4 to Grade 4 are not required to wear masks on the bus or at school, I am encouraging students to do so. (I can not require it) As well students may continue to wear their masks in the classroom if they would like to.  Please provide your child with a paper bag to keep their mask when not in use.  Put  their names on the bag.  Each child should have 2 masks .

We will have cafeteria service this year and a breakfast program, but neither will be ready before Sept.8. Please send your kids with a cold lunch and snacks all week next week and ensure that they’ve eaten breakfast.

Together we can have a really good year. Together, Knowlton Academy will continue to be the amazing school it is with a staff that is ready and eager to welcome our children back .  We have all missed them so.

We welcome our new families and know that the students that will be learning on line for a while with medical exemptions,  will be well taken care of and we look forward to the time when they too can safely come back to school .


Renalee Gore