Knowlton Academy Morning Drop Off and Afternoon Pick Up Procedures- Updated –


Dear Parents,

After going though one day we have to revise/tighten up our morning and afternoon procedures.


Bus drop off remains in front of the school.

Parent drop off is in back of the school. As we have roofers here all week, things were even more busy and blocked off, with no parking spaces for teachers and parents arriving, parking, going with their children to the front. (first day that’s ok) BUT

Please follow these procedures from Tuesday Sept.1 on

Please drive up to just past the back entrance, turn around and drop your children off by the lawn near the daycare door.  I will be there tomorrow but the plan is to hire someone to direct traffic asap.

Please do not get out of your car, drop your children and leave. I am asking that all children depart the car on the passenger’s side, closest to the school so there is no danger of cars.

Drop off is at 7:50 on – not before.  If we do this calmly and quickly, it should go smoothly.

Please remember that we are insuring your children’s safety.


Bus pickup is in back of the school. Lines are being painted for each bus to have their set place.  Please don’t block the entrance to Academy Lane or on Victoria was the busses between 2:45 and 3 and need to be able to get to the back of the school.

All students from Grade 5 up should have their mask on before their line walks to the busses.


If you are walking to school to pick up your children, (not leaving your car across the street and walking over but true walkers, then parents can walk to pick the children up on the grass near where the rope will be and they will be in a separate line distanced waiting for you and Ms. Garneau will sign them out and you can take them.


We are asking parents to REMAIN IN YOUR CARS   and when the rope is taken down, you will drive up one at a time and pick up your child. We are asking that all children use the passenger side doors to get in to their cars. I don’t want kids in the middle of the driveway as parents are exiting the school. After you have picked up your child please round the circle and exit.

Again, I hope to have someone hired to direct traffic in the afternoon as well. * If everyone respects and follows these procedures, it will run smoothly in the morning and afternoon. *

Thank you all for your co-operation.

Recess AM, PM, Lunch

Starting on Wednesday each class group will be assigned a zone to play in. The zones will be rotated weekly so any equipment used will have the weekend not being used to be quarantined before the next group will use them. 

As much as we hoped the 1 metre/ 2 metre rule would work, it’s not realistic to think it will be followed. 

Kindergarten 4 groups 4 and 5 K) will have a separate recess time both in AM and PM so there will be 12 zones for Grade 1- Sec.1.  

Day 1 went really well other than this and everyone was really happy to be back.  It was great to see all your children again and all our new ones as well.  They were so missed!!!!

Renalee Gore