Letter from Mrs. Gore


                             KNOWLTON ACADEMY                                                        

                             AM ARRIVAL AND PM DISMISSAL

For those of you that are wondering why the staff and I are no longer opening car doors and helping students in and out of their cars we thought there should be an explanation.

Please know that it was our pleasure to do this, making sure the children got in and out of the cars safely each day.  And I found it lovely to greet the kids myself every morning at least for the first month until everything was running smoothly.  With all the construction at the school on top of covid concerns, it is of utmost importance that we be vigilant with the pick-up and drop off guidelines. This is including students not getting out or in the driver’s side unless there is a baby seat with a baby in it, then the parent has to help the child.

With all the covid safety procedures we are doing our utmost to keep everyone safe at school, students and staff.

That being said on Monday there was a thread of concern on Knowlton. Com about the staff touching people’s car doors and spreading possible covid germs. While I do understand the concern, a simple solution would be for those concerned to wipe their car handles on arrival home.  The staff are constantly disinfecting their hands and we take everything very seriously.

But we are not about to ask each car whether they would like help or not so I made the decision, I might add very sadly to stop this practice.  Please know that it is for the reason stated that we stopped this practice.


Renalee Gore – Principal