From Ms. Gore – Morning Drop-Off and more

Thursday, Sept 17th

Dear Parents,

Please DO NOT drop your children off before 7:55 in the morning. There is no one on duty before this time . If you are in the back car drop off, DO NOT drop your child off if there is no one there yet. Shelley and or I are there at 7:55. Please then go to the spot that you are motioned to only, don’t drop them anywhere else.  And another reminder, unless there is a baby ,in a baby seat behind the passenger side , your child should never go out on the driver’s side. If there is a baby there, you must get out of the car and safely bring your child around.

Starting Monday there will be a walker parent pickup sign  closer to the school . Please go to that sign ( socially distanced) and your children will be sent to you there.  

Thank you all for your cooperation and understanding.

Renalee Gore