Red Zone Directives

Red Zone Directives
Dear Parents ,
As you know Estrie is going into a red zone tomorrow morning, Nov.12.  This has many ramifications for all of us at school, at home and for our local business. 
At Knowlton Academy we have had to act very quickly to make sure all our procedures comply with red zone guidelines .
All classes must now remain 2 metres apart at all times, daycare bubbles that have been in effect since the beginning of the year must comply to all children from different classes must be 2 metres apart as well. 
Hopefully, we can get 2 more lunch supervisors and at least one more daycare educator for this time.
We have moved 4 tables into the mini gym . Now both Grade 3’s and both grade 6’s will eat in the mini gym .
That way the 2 metre rule can be respected during lunch hour for all students.
Our sheltered recess and sheltered lunch groups will remain in effest but the groups can be no bigger than 6 and again if from different classes – 2 metres apart.  We are making some adjustments.

Some class lockers will be moved upstairs during this time as well , to be able to space out the Kindergarten tables to keep each of the 3 groups 2 metres apart.  They will remain in their class bubbles inside and outside.
Entry and exit of students will be spaced between door # 1- #3. Students will stay in their zones instead of lining up and be called one group at a time .   The outside cones will be spaced 2 metres apart.
Siblings of K students will stand on their own in the playground until parents drive up. 
THERE WILL BE NO MICROWAVE USE AS LONG AS WE ARE IN THE RED ZONE . Thermos or cold lunch or hot lunch – no heated up food – starting tomorrow – Nov. 12Sec.1 students must wear their masks AT ALL TIMES, even in gym class. Only when they are eating or drinking while sitting down can they remove their masks.
Staff must wear masks in all common areas indoors and outside and in the class if less than 2 metres from the students.
Please go over the importance of following these rules with your children tonight .  It’s hard for them to understand , these are government rules/Public Heath to keep everyone safe and we all must respect them.
Please also talk about not fighting with their classmates- being kind – There will really be little tolerance for any of this now , nor for inappropriate language, rudeness and arguing with supervisors or teachers.  Non-compliance of rules will result in students being sent home.
This will be challenging but we will continue to make learning at KA challenging , interesting and fun .
Thank you all for your continued co-operation.  You should be getting a letter from the school board as well today.
Renalee Gore,  for all of us at KA

Renalee Gore
Knowlton Academy