Arts program

 Phenomenal Young Artist braves the path in expressions never spoken before…

–       Many Thank-you’s to the Wright’s family for donating a pottery wheel. Our students will be molding vessels for humanity and exposing their works at the African Arts show here in May. (I am looking for donations of rolling pins and cookie cutters to elaborate our toolbox.)

–       Congratulations are in order for winners of the Lion’s Peace poster contest.

1st place William Bjarnason (Sec.1),

2nd place Jada Belghouar (Sec. 1)

Honorable mentions- Hailey Russell (Sec. 1), Zack Paré (Sec. 1), and Justin Garrick (Sec. 1).

–       The theater group Geordie Productions will be performing Game Changers –a play about RULES.. on December 11. Students are asked to bring in 3$ for entry by November 26th.

–       Choir has 25 members! Thank you Lucy Hoblyn and parents who have volunteered to help with the Arts …you are greatly appreciated.


–       Hope to see you at the Christmas show!

–       Mme Josée, Arts teacher