General Information


  • Children from Grade 1 to Secondary 1 are to take part in the Ski Program; this activity is compulsory and is part of the Physical Education curriculum at K.A. and generates marks for Term 3.


  • Ski equipment (boots, skis, poles) will be provided by the school free of charge for students who need it; adult/parent volunteers will supervise small groups (1 adult for 3 children in grade 1/ beginner; up to 8 for more experienced skiers) for the entire day, and will cover the mountain code of conduct as well as some basic skills and maneuvers on skis. Each student will benefit from 90 minutes of instruction a day with a qualified CSIA ski instructor and receive an evaluation/certification at the end of the 5 days.


  • Children MUST wear a properly fitted ski helmet and we strongly encourage adult volunteers to wear one too.
  • Students who wish to use their own ski equipment may do so providing they can get it to school/hill and back home for every ski day (NO SKI EQUIPMENT ON BUSES).
  • Students are expected to be dressed for cold weather, have appropriate clothing and have a ski helmet.
  • To keep feet warm and comfortable, we encourage students to wear ski socks: they must be knee high and you must absolutely AVOID COTTON! A good time to get them is during after Xmas specials in sports shops where ski equipment is sold.
  • Children need to pack a healthy lunch for the day to keep their energy level optimal and fuel body heat!!! This year, the K.A. cafeteria will prepare healthy lunch bags that will include a sandwich, a fruit, a snack, a cookie and a drink, all for $6.00/day. Orders to be done  in the morning, on a ski day. Note that children will not have access to fried foods/junk food in the main cafeteria at the hill.
  • Children who wish to stay until the end of the ski day must make transportation arrangements and have a SIGNED NOTE FROM PARENTS AS THEY WILL BE UNSUPERVISED once we leave at 14h00. Please note that school equipment must be returned to school at the end of the ski day, no later than 17h00.

Each child who meets the deadline will earn a chance at a draw (January 22nd, 2024): win your fees! (1 winner per cycle and 1 in Sec. 1)

This fee covers transportation from school to Mont Sutton and back along with a full day lift ticket (good until 16h00) and a 90 minute lesson. In an effort to save time and simplifying the management of fees, payment must be made in full, NO LATER than January 19th , 2024, in one of two ways:

  1. One lump sum, PREFERABLY BY CHEQUE, to Knowlton Academy Ski Program, for 5 days of skiing (see table below);
  2. Five (5) post-dated cheques corresponding to each of the ski days (see previous table for dates, and the table below for the amount that applies);
Families with special circumstances who may need financial assistance to pay Ski Program Fees should contact the school secretary, Anne-Marie Cyr, in writing or by phone to make arrangements (payment plan). Do this before January 19th and your child will earn a chance at the draw


  • Please write your children’ FULL NAME & homeroom on the cheques to help us keep track of fees. Ex; Mary Jones(2C), Johnny Jones(4L) and Bill Jones(6G)
  • A student who misses a ski day due to a serious illness or any other event deemed valid by the Principal may get a refund providing a written request is made before March 15th, 2024;
  • All refunds for the above-mentioned items will be issued after March 15th, 2024, once the Ski Program is over and the request deadline has gone by.

2023-24 Rates for KA Ski Program – No Later than JAN 19th,  2024

Per child 20$ / day $100,00/5 days  


*Because KA benefits from group rates for lift tickets, transportation and lessons, all students must pay their fee even if they hold a season’s pass and/or have transportation to Mont Sutton to take part in the KA Ski Program. A big thanks to the KA HS&A’s financial contribution in helping off-set the increase of fees for families!