Daycare Registration information

Dear Parent,

Knowlton Academy offers a non-profit, provincially subsidized daycare service to parents and guardians who wish to register for this service. The heart of the daycare is it’s after school programme, which provides students with a safe, stimulating environment for supervised play, structured activities and a homework period.

Our daycare opens at 6:45am and closes at 5:30pm. During pedagogical days the daycare hours are from 7:30am until 5:30pm.

The cost is $8.35 per day for each child that enrolls as a regular. A regular user is defined as a child who attends daycare at least three to five days per week. A child that uses the service on a regular basis and is registered before September 30th does not pay supervision fees.

If you would like to use the daycare on a sporadic basis you must call the daycare 24 hours in advance and the cost is $8 per hour.

The KA Daycare is opened for all school calendar pedagogical days. A ped day activity brochure is available for all KA students. You can find the brochure of all upcoming activities with your contract package.

Please note that it is very important to read all the information in your contract including the guidelines. You will find this information right here on our website.

For more information please look at the documents below and call us at 450-242-1336

Thank you
Jenny Wheeler, Daycare Technician