Academic programs

Curriculum Program

School-wide focus on Literacy

  • Language arts – English
  • Language arts – French
  • Health and physical education
  • Arts – music, dance, drama & art
  • Science & technology
  • Social Sciences
  • Mathematics
  • Ethics and religious cultures

French Second Language

  • Bilingual kindergarten
  • Physical Education, Arts & Social Sciences are taught in French

Support to Students

We work within a resource centre model

  • One lead resource teacher
  • Four integration aids
  • Parent and community volunteers are encouraged to assist within classrooms and with extended programs (i.e. Village Reads, noon hour activities, zoo therapy)
  • The “Engine Room” and Alert Program strategies integrated in school practices
  • The “Academy Bistro” Cooking

Dennis McCullough Initiative – Enhanced Learning Strategy

Technology-integrated learning is at the forefront of our classrooms with the use of smartboards, MacBooks, Netbooks and iPads (Cycle 3 & Sec. 1- One to one IPad deployment).