Parent Information

Governing Board

Chair:  Jason Edwards


Parents: Joanne Croghan,  Nate Forster,Tim Wiebe, Kelly Hume, Kathie Battley,  Caroline Hui

Teachers: Lynn McKelvey Barbra Plouffe, Josie Gibbs, Lynne Hamilton

Daycare Rep: Jocelyn MacLeod

Support Staff: Jocelyn MacLeod

Community Reps: Bill Stewart, Shirley Tipper


In addition to the governing board, we have a very active Parent Participation Organization consisting of hard workers who, in addition to organizing fundraisers during the school year, contribute tremendously of their time and spirit in activities to benefit the students of the school.  The funds raised go to support student activities and provide much needed equipment and materials to teachers.


Chairperson: Judy Henderson

Vice-Chair: Shawn Crandall

Secretary: Jodi Crandall

Treasurer: Shelley Paige