In addition to the governing board, we have a very active Parent Participation Organization consisting of hard workers who, in addition to organizing fundraisers during the school year, contribute tremendously of their time and spirit in activities to benefit the students of the school.  They are a team of volunteer parents working to improve the academic and social lives of the students at Knowlton Academy. Their main mandate is fundraising to support student activities and provide much needed equipment and materials to teachers.

2023-2024 PPO (Parental Participation Organization) Committee:

Chairperson:               Brittany Ellis

Secretary:                    Nelsha Fontaine

Treasurer:                   Vincenzo Amodei


Davina Harrison

Stephanie Stott

Laura Lee

Ashley Burnham

Jessica Labrecque

Heather Kaptein

Kayla Soucy

Chelsea Harding

Frédéric Noirfalise – Principal


If anyone would like information regarding the committee, would like to participate or offer their services, please contact the school.