Registration information

Knowlton Academy offers a non-profit, provincially subsidized daycare service to parents and guardians who wish to register for this service.  The heart of the daycare service is its after-school programme, which provides students with a safe, stimulating environment for supervised play, structured activities, and a calm homework period.  The daycare is also able to accommodate children in the morning, beginning as early as 7:10 a.m.  It is a partner in the school’s lunchtime supervision programme.  In addition, it offers outings and other activities during school pedagogical days that can be enjoyed by both regular and sporadic daycare students*.

In 2014 – 2015, Knowlton Academy Daycare will be in its 15th year of operation.  For many working parents in the Knowlton area, the service has become an indispensable child-care resource.  For the children themselves, after-school time becomes an opportunity to play and learn in a group setting, in the company of friends and our friendly, professional staff.  Parents often tell us they have trouble dragging their children away at the end of the day…They are having too much fun!

Like any subsidized daycare, the Knowlton Academy service requires a high level of commitment from participating parents and guardians.  If you choose to use the service on a regular basis you will be asked to sign a detailed contract at the beginning of the school year and, in particular, to commit to the service for the full school year.  While some parents may find these requirements daunting, without this level of commitment we would be unable to guarantee the financial viability, and indeed the continued survival, of the daycare service.

If you think you might be interested in the daycare service, please read the following information carefully.  For further information, or to register your child/children, Please call the Knowlton Academy Daycare at 450-242-1336.

enrolment contract 2014 -2015

* “Regular” refers to “Full-Time”, students registered for 3 or more days/week; “Occasional” refers to students registered for 1 or 2 days/week; “Sporadic” refers to children registered in daycare but who do not follow a regular attendance pattern.

**$7 Subject to changes by the Government with regard to funding parameters for subsidized daycares.

Daycare Fees

Registration Fee

A recurring, non-refundable registration fee is required at the time of enrolment and each year thereafter:

$10.00 for 1 child

$15.00 for a family


This year regarding registration, in order to benefit from not paying supervision fees you must register your child/children before September 30, 2014. Registration after September 30, 2014 will result in no reimbursements.

Example: If you register your child in daycare five days per week on November 1, 2014 you will still be charged your full supervision fees. The only exception is if your child/children is a new student to the school after September30, 2014.

If your child is registered for a minimum of 3 days per week, the cost is $7.00** per day.

Parents, who choose full time daycare for 5 days per week, do not pay the supervision fees as long as registration was done before September 30, 2014 and if they remain in daycare for the full year.  Children who are registered as “Regular”, but do not attend 5 days per week, are only required to pay supervision fees for the balance of days per week that the child is not in daycare.

Please note that parents/guardians will be charged supervision fees if they pull their child out of daycare.  Similarly, if space permits and a child joins daycare on a “Regular” basis, parents will receive a partial reimbursement of supervision fees.  The same fee/reimbursement policy will apply as when children register or leave the school.

If a child must be expelled from daycare, supervision fees will be charged to the parent as described in the above paragraph.

Sporadic: If you use the service sporadically, the cost per child will be $7.00 per hour.

–       Parents must send written notification at least 24 hours in advance for each time they wish to make use of the sporadic daycare service.  This notice must be given to the homeroom teacher and the daycare service.

–       Parents must also send written notification at least 24 hours in advance for cancellation or a minimum of $7.00 (1 hour) per child will be charged.

–       Partial hours will be billed according to the following:

  • Up to 1 hour and 10 minutes, $7
  • Time extending beyond 10 minutes will be charged the full hourly rate of $7

(ie. A child who attends daycare for 1 hour and 20 minutes will be charged $14.)

–       As with general school procedures, regular transportation procedures will be followed unless there is the advance written notice to indicate otherwise.

Due to required student/supervisor ratios for safety reasons, sporadic children may only be accepted if space is available.

General Information

Please note that a minimum fee of $7 applies in situations where a child attends the daycare for a period less than an hour.

As we are not recognized as an impoverished area, our daycare does not receive funding for snacks.  Therefore, children must bring their own healthy snacks to daycare.

Opening Hours*

Monday to Friday        –           7:10 to 8:10 a.m.

Lunch Hour                  –           11:40 to 12:40

After School                –           2:40 – 5:30 p.m.

(*Subject to final confirmation of school day schedule, minor changes may apply.)


All sections of the contract must be completed.  If you plan to use the morning Time Slot, this must be indicated on the contract as we must respect supervision ratios at all times.

Sporadic use of either morning or afternoon time slots must be requested in writing at least 24 hours in advance.

Preparation and Planning Days (P.P. days)

The Daycare will be open on P.P. Days where sufficient numbers warrant.

–       The cost for these days is $7.00** for all children registered as part of the Knowlton Academy Daycare.

–       Additional fees may be added to cover additional costs of activities.

–       The daycare will be opened from 7:30 to 5:30 p.m. on P.P. days.

–       Children must bring their lunches and snacks, unless otherwise indicated.

–       Advance registration  for P.P. days is required.

–       Attendance may be restricted to respect supervision ratios.

You may guarantee a spot for your child by pre-registering for PP Days on your Enrolment Contract.  This charge will be included with your monthly bill.  Cancellation of a Pre-Registered PP Day must be received in writing no later than one week prior to the said PP Day, otherwise, the PP Day Fees will apply.

All daycare fees are non-refundable.

School Cancellations

The daycare is not open on days that school has been cancelled due to bad weather, power failure, heating system failures etc….Refunds will be issued in such cases.


The Daycare will not be opened on the following holidays:  Labour Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas break, March break, Easter break, Dollard-des-Ormeaux Day (Victoria Day), and Summer vacation.

Payment Procedures

Fees may be paid in cash or by cheque. Receipts will be issued upon request.  Relevé 24’s will be issued for tax purposes to parents who provide us with their Social Insurance Number.  Please note that only fees beyond the $7 per day are eligible as a QC tax deduction.

Payments must be made by the first Friday of the month for Regular students.   Parents will be asked to follow procedures indicated by the Daycare staff, and specific dates to submit payment in a sealed and identified envelope will be required.  More specific instructions regarding how to submit payment will be provided at the beginning of the school year.

Sporadic students will also receive a Statement of Account for payment.

Should a cheque not be approved at any given time the parent will be required to pay in cash only.  The parents will also be billed for any bank fees incurred as a result of NSF cheques.

Failure to make payments

If payments are not made the following steps will be taken:

*A verbal reminder will be made.

*A written notice will be issued.

*A final written notice plus suspension from the daycare service until the payment is made in full.

*Unpaid debts will be forwarded to a collection agency.

Families who require repeated reminders to respect the payment schedule and procedures will no longer receive Daycare Service and will be removed for the balance of the year.  Debts owed under the Daycare contract will be forwarded to a collection agency.

Late Pick-Up Fees

Our Daycare is open until 5:30 p.m.  Late pick-ups result in additional costs to the Daycare, therefore we must apply additional fees in cases where parents are late in picking up their child (ren).

Late Pick-Ups should only occur under exceptional circumstances and should not be a regular occurrence.  If you see that you will be late in picking up your child, please contact one of your emergency contacts listed on the enrolment form.  Please call the daycare at 450-242-1336 to leave a message stating the circumstances and to identify who will pick up the child.  Please note that the person picking up your child may be asked to show some identification.

Please note the following Late Pick-Up Fees:

–       $1.00 per minute past 5:30pm

–       This payment will be added on your monthly Statement of Account.

Respecting Your Contract

As indicated previously, in order to maintain a viable daycare, the commitment of the participants is essential.  Therefore, should you decide to withdraw your child from the daycare service prior to the end of the school year, a pro-rated “Termination Fee” will be applied.  This fee will represent a two week penalty fee.  Termination of a contract requires a two week advance written notice.  If advance written notice is not received at least two weeks prior to the end of the month, then normal charges for the upcoming month will be applied.  Termination and fees will be addressed “monthly” (fees will be for the month, termination of a contract is applied at the end of the month if the advance written notice was received at least 2 weeks prior to the end of the month).  Services for daycare will be cancelled as of the beginning of the month following receipt of the request to terminate the contract.


There is no reimbursement of the fees collected for any child who withdraws from daycare mid-month.


Safety Rules for the Protection of Your Child


–       At Knowlton Academy Daycare our ratio is 1 worker to 15 – 20 children.

–       Parents must sign their child into daycare when dropping them off and must sign their child out of daycare when picking them up.  Once the child is signed out, he/she no longer falls under the supervision and responsibility of the daycare.

–       As with school safety procedures, parents must notify the daycare staff in writing in advance if someone other than the custodial parent is picking up the child.  We would also like to meet that person in advance, if possible.  If this is not possible, we will ask the person picking up the child, to show us some form of I.D.

–       In the event that an adult who arrives at the Knowlton Academy daycare to pick up a child is suspected to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, the following 2 actions will be taken:


#1- The adult will be requested to leave the Daycare immediately and instructed to arrange for another trusted person to take the child home.  (The parent will be billed any extra costs incurred.)


#2- All incidents of “suspicion” will be reported to the Knowlton Academy School principal.  Further action may be required in the best interest of the children.




The daycare is located in the basement and is comprised of three classrooms and a private bathroom, and regularly uses the open play area referred to as “the Boys’ Basement”.  The daycare staff also organizes activities in other areas of the building and on the playground.  Students are required to remain with their daycare group, under the supervision of the daycare staff.


In general, students should keep all material required to go home with them in the daycare, as general circulation throughout the building is not permitted outside of school hours.  Students may pick up their indoor shoes from the daycare upon morning arrival.


Code of Conduct


Knowlton Academy Daycare follows the same code of conduct as Knowlton Academy School.  The daycare wishes to provide a friendly and peaceful environment for your children.  If behaviour problems occur you will be notified.


–       For safety reasons, repeated negative behaviour will result in the expulsion of your child from the service.

–       A student may also be expelled from Daycare following an act that endangers the safety or well being of others, even if this has not been a repeated behaviour.


Medication Policy  


The Knowlton Academy Daycare follows the “School Plan Regarding the Distribution of Medication to Students”.  Daycare staff is unauthorized to administer any form of medication to a child without written permission from the parent/guardian and a copy of the prescription.


In the best interest of all students and staff, the following regulations are critical in reducing the risk of spreading illness:

–       If a child is not feeling well, he/she cannot be sent to daycare.

–       If a child becomes ill while attending daycare (or prior to the end of the school day), the parents will be contacted and asked to pick up their child immediately.


Thank you for your interest in our daycare service.  We hope to provide an enjoyable and rewarding experience to all children who attend our service.