Rules to Live By

I RESPECT MYSELF – I am learning to take care of myself and to develop a healthy mind and body.

  • I will be clean and dress appropriately according to the dress code.
  • I will eat healthy snacks and meals.
  • I will try to keep a positive attitude.          
  • I will take care of my own personal belongings.

I RESPECT OTHERS – I am learning to get along and live in a safe and peaceful environment with others.

  • I walk calmly and quietly throughout the school.
  • I am polite, respectful and honest to others in the school in my language, my attitude and actions.
  • I do not bring offensive or dangerous articles to school.
  • I respect others’ personal belongings.

I RESPECT MY SCHOOL – I learn to make my school a safe and welcoming environment. I take care of the school building and yard, do not litter, and do not damage school property.

  • I do my part in keeping my classroom and school clean and tidy.
  • I report any damage or problem to equipment and/or property(even if I did something myself).


  • I come to school regularly.
  • I arrive for classes on time.
  • I arrive for class with all the necessary materials.

Knowlton Academy Reference Tool for the Elaboration of the Anti- Bullying and Anti- Violence Plan

Anti-bullying report

parent reporting form

Student Report Form