Sarah Lenz


Sarah Lenz

Grade 3 Teacher


My name is Sarah Lenz and  I have been teaching for a few years now. I obtained my teaching degree from Bishop’s University in Lennoxville. Since graduating I have had experience teaching every grade level. This is my first year teaching here at Knowlton Academy but I feel like I have a strong connection to the school and community. I have been a resident of this community since I was born and spent my elementary years in this very school. I am currently working as the grade 3/4 homeroom teacher. My task this year consists of teaching grade 4 and 3/4 ELA, 3/4 Math, and 3/4 Science. As a teacher my goal is to create an atmosphere of peace within my classroom, where students feel safe to be themselves. I try to make everyone feel loved, wanted and respected. It is only when students feel safe that they can open themselves up to taking risks and making mistakes. I believe that it is only through mistakes that we learn and grow.